IE5.5 (was:(no subject))

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Sep 11 12:55:11 CDT 2002

Franky Van Liedekerke wrote:
> Hi Sylvain,
> you seem to have been able to install IE 6.0. I tried it several times, ad
> after installing cabextract, setup now fails with this wine message:
> SetupInstallFromInfSectionW unsupported flags 106
> Could you tell me/us how you were able to install it if no windows is
> present?

I just tried it, and oddly enough the IE6 installer worked for me today 
with the current CVS and no windows. Back in early July I was unable to 
get it to work. The only native DLLs I needed for the installer were 
wininet and crypt32.

It did take a very long time to download; 15 minutes or so. And it did 
crash at the end of the download (this is where it complained about 
crypt32). However, the download had apparently completed for the main 
browser components. I reran the installer (after deleting 
C:\windows\wininit.ini), and it immediately downloaded a couple of 
remaining components, which only took a few seconds.

And using Sylvain's dll selections, IE6 came up and ran just fine. Well, 
images don't seem to load, and some of the dialogs don't seem to work 
right. But I will have to play around a bit and see how things go. I am 
just happy that it installed.

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