ie5setup.exe files missing ...

David Woodyard dwoody1 at
Thu Sep 12 07:28:41 CDT 2002

When I installed iexplore.exe from cdrom it displays two error messages
	1) missing icw.inf file in download directory
	2) missing amov4ie.inf file in download directory

After this failed I installed Office97 from cdrom with no errors.

Kernel is 2.2.14
Wine ver. 20020904
gcc ver 2.95.3

Actions compiling wine:

I commented out the sections in cdrom.c that failed when compiled due to older 
kernel (SCSI_PASS references).
installed winedefault.reg (It looks like this step was redundant)
Installed DCOM95 ver 1.3
Installed all fonts from sourceforge
Then I tried to iexplore.exe from cdrom with the above listed errors.

Have I done something in the wrong order or am I missing a step??

Thanks for your help,


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