Known problem?

Duane Clark dclark at
Thu Sep 12 12:44:02 CDT 2002

Fredrik Tolf wrote:
> Well, the problem isn't really that the debugger doesn't start... The
> main problem is that the debugger is started. I can run programs like
> calc, winver and notepad, but as soon as I try to start another, more
> advanced, executable, such as iexplore or winword, it crashes with
> "wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...". That the debugger
> doesn't start is only a slight annoyance. (Unless it could help me solve
> the main problem, that is...)

Well, iexplore uses a lot of unimplemented functions. Take a look at the 
recent thread "Re: IE5.5". Winword mostly works for me, but it also has 
some problems. Unfortunately, I suspect that Microsoft apps tend to use 
a lot of more obscure and undocumented features. I use very complicated 
electronic design software under Wine, along with other complex non-MS 
programs, and many of them work fine.

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