Brazilian ABNT-2 Keyboard - DeadKeys not operates properly

Salatiel-Robson Oliveira salatiel-robson.oliveira at
Thu Sep 12 15:24:12 CDT 2002

Hi !!!

 For start, I want to say that I'm Brazilian and my english is terrible.
 Excuse me for mistakes.

 My question:

 I have a keyboard Brazilian-ABNT2, the WINE recognize the layout
 but the "DeadKeys" doesn't operates properly.

 For example: I want that appear  à ã â á , but appear  `a ~a ^a ´a

I am using the last version --> Wine-20020904 (Setember) and unfortunately
the problem continues.

What can we to change in the file keyboard.c to solve this problem?

Thank you for attention!!!

Salatiel Robson

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