"LockFile not implemented in server" messages on a Samba share

Andriy Palamarchuk apa3a at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 13 14:07:12 CDT 2002

--- "Oscar A. Valdez" <oscar.valdez at plastipak.com.sv>
> I'm trying to run a Visual FoxPro 6 application that
> writes to a Samba
> share. It crashes with "LockFile not implemented in
> server" and
> "UnlockFile not implemented in server" messages.
> I've attached a more
> complete log file to this message.

I suspect that these fixme messages do not indicate
the cause of the crash.

> On the Samba server, there aren't any special
> locking restrictions: for
> example, oplocks are allowed.

I don't think this is Samba either, Wine has much more
issues than Samba :-) However you can easy test it -
run from Windows computer accessing the same Samba
share, alternatively you can try to copy the
application DB locally (if it is possible) and try to
access it there.

Configure Debugger and let us know what it says about
the crash. Plus, run bt command in the debugger prompt
and tell us results.

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