Abacus DOS problem Lock Selector

Bruce McGovern brucemcgovern at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 18 20:24:28 CDT 2002

A lawyer in California is trying to change to linux. In CA, there are a 
number of programs required by the courts, and so far none are ported to 
linux at any price.  His reason for wishing to change has to do with the 
fact that Microsoft now controls his access to his own files, and he finds 
this unacceptable.

I tried one of his apps, an old DOS version of Abacus.  Using the WINe with 
Redhat 7.3, I get an error:

Warning: unprotecting the first 64KB of memory to allow real-mode calls.
          NULL pointer accesses will no longer be caught.
fixme:int31:INT_Int31Handler lock selector not supported
err:int31:INT_Int31Handler int31: unknown/not implemented parameters:
int31: AX 0a00, BX 0005, CX 0000, DX 0000, SI 2bb2, DI 2bb2, DS 0267, ES 0267
wine: Unhandled exception, starting debugger...
err:seh:EXC_DefaultHandling Unhandled exception code 80000102 flags 0 addr 0x43

After some Google research, I found DOS PROTECTED MODE INTERFACE listing, 
which says:

DPMI 0.9 + Lock selector Int 31/AX=0004h.

I tried all the versions for wine with no different result.

I am betting it is also missing Unlock selector 0005h.

I downloaded all monthly summaries of this mail list from Feb. thru part of 
August, and did word searches with Open Office. No luck.

I have looked at dosemu, but simply do not relate to what they are saying 
about building a .dexe file,

Any ideas at all?

Bruce McGovern writing from Mexico City
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