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fabsah fabrice.groleau at
Sun Sep 22 08:50:18 CDT 2002

Hi !

I've been trying hard to install a windows software with WINE.
The name of the software is Distrinet. It's made by AMP (The company
that distribute newspapers in belgium) and that's the only piece of
software I'm forced to use at work under windows. It would be a joy for
me to make it work under linux and be able to delete windows for good.

This software runs fine under win95, win98 and win2k. It's a pretty
small and simple piece of software, I think.

I've tried to "wine /mnt/cdrom/SETUP.EXE" and you can see the result at
this page (explanations & screenshots) : 

Basically, I can't click on the OK or EXIT button when the installer is
started. Quite annoying. Keyboard doesn't work either.

Help me :) !

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