Setup.exe Hides Dialogues

Duane Clark dclark at
Sun Sep 22 10:25:20 CDT 2002

Lane P. Lester wrote:
> I'm new on here, so I hope this has not been answered too many times 
> already. I searched the knowledge base at the Wine site without finding 
> a solution.
> I just switched from Mandrake to Lindows, which seems to have a capable 
> version of Wine running. However, with two Winapps I've tried to 
> install, the initial setup window (fullscreen, borderless, no controls) 
> completely hides the install dialogues from view. Alt-Tab will not bring 
> them forward, although it does show that they are there.
> Is there a fix, other than trying to install blind?

I don't know about Lindows. In regular Linux, you can log in in "safe" 
mode, which basically means no window manager. Then these kind of 
installer problems disappear. There appears to be some problem in the 
interaction with the window managers.

Baring that, perhaps another fix to try is to temporarily make changes 
in your ~/.wine/config file in the x11drv section, so that it has:
"Managed" = "N"
"Desktop" = "1024x768"

I have not actually tried that ;) So if you do it, maybe report whether 
it works :-)

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