Diablo, Direct3d, How to disable Direct3d

Gregory Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Wed Sep 25 09:16:19 CDT 2002

I used to run Diablo II regularly under Wine, it worked fine with the nocd
patch as long as I didn't want to use battle.net. I tried it again recently
hoping maybe the battle.net issues might be resolved and discovered instead
that I couldn't get it running at all.

If I run Game_crk.exe which always worked before I get a dialog box that
appears that says
 ``Error 25: A critical error has occurred while initializing Direct3D''

I assume this is due to new Direct3D code that wasn't present when I last ran
DiabloII. If so, is there any way to disable this code so that Diablo doesn't
detect direct3d and runs with 2d directx like it always ran before?


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