Diablo, Direct3d, How to disable Direct3d

Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at 12move.nl
Wed Sep 25 07:41:22 CDT 2002

>I assume this is due to new Direct3D code that wasn't present when I last ran
>DiabloII. If so, is there any way to disable this code so that Diablo doesn't
>detect direct3d and runs with 2d directx like it always ran before?

yes there is:

go to your diablo ii installation dir. ( Program Files\Diablo ii )
then type something like:
wine D2VidTst.exe

you can now select what kind of video stuff you want to use.

NOTE: the program might crash the first time when it is trying to
find direct3d. ( it might crash again on glide detection too )

this should do the trick

Mark Hannessen

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