Diablo, Direct3d, How to disable Direct3d

Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at 12move.nl
Fri Sep 27 04:28:12 CDT 2002

> So then comes the next question. When last I checked wine wasn't capable of
> running DLoad, which is required to allow the use of the nocd hack on
> battle.net. There were some comments at the time that it wouldn't be too
> hard to add support for the calls DLoad needs to load two images in memory
> at the same time.
> It doesn't appear that this support has been added. Is there any prospect
> of them being added?

I do not now anything of this stuff.
I did read something about getting Warcraft III running on battle.net a while
a go. The idea was to lauch warcraft III with the cracked war3.exe
and when it was in the main screen switch to the console ( Ctrl+Alt+F1 )
then replace the cracked war3.exe with the origional one and then switch
back to Warcraft III ( Ctrl+Alt+F7 ) then press "connect to battle.net" and
switch back to console ( Ctrl+Alt+F1 ) and wait 5 sec.
after that replace the origional war3.exe with the hacked one and switch
to Warcraft III ( Ctrl+Alt+F7 ) to enjoy battle.net

I guess this should work with Diablo II ( Game.exe ) as well.

( you might want to script stuff up because that works a lot faster )

Have fun

Mark Hannessen

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