A problem reading configuration file

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Sat Sep 28 02:22:16 CDT 2002

Your trace shows a file being found by findfirst, and not found by
findnext. Isn't it a normal situation ?

 --- Pavel Troller <patrol at sinus.cz> a écrit : > Hi!
>   For some time, there is a regression in wine, which disables my
> Dynatext
> reader from working. It tries to open it's configuration file but 
> unsuccessfully. The file IS there and former wine versions allowed
> the
> program to read it.
>   I was recommended to do a regression tests to find a particular
> patch
> but it's too time-expensive for me these days, so I did a full trace 
> and found an IMHO critical part in it.
>   The program searches for file called "DYNATEXT.INI".
>   The file is located at /opt/samba-dir/EBT23/BIN/ :
> -rw-r--r--    1 patrol   users        3050 Mar  1  2002
> /opt/samba-dir/EBT23/BIN/DYNATEXT.INI
>   From the windoze point of view it should be
>   Please could an expert review the trace and find, where the problem
> is ?
>                                     With regards, Pavel Troller

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