Diablo, Direct3d, How to disable Direct3d

Gregory Stark gsstark at mit.edu
Thu Sep 26 11:21:50 CDT 2002

Ah, thank you, that was indeed the problem. I must have reconfigured Diablo at
some point to use 3d. I misdiagnosed the problem as wine having acquired some
direct3d support and fooling Diablo into trying to use it.

So then comes the next question. When last I checked wine wasn't capable of
running DLoad, which is required to allow the use of the nocd hack on
battle.net. There were some comments at the time that it wouldn't be too hard
to add support for the calls DLoad needs to load two images in memory at the
same time.

It doesn't appear that this support has been added. Is there any prospect of
them being added?


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