ADVAPI32.dll, GetCurrentHwProfileW

Damian Gerow damian at
Tue Apr 1 13:11:13 CST 2003

Not sure if this is more for -users or -devel...

I've been trying for some time to get Platypus (the ISP billing software) to
run under wine.  After numerous problems, I'm finally getting somewhere

I can install Plat, ignore its attempts to update MDAC, and copy some
required libraries from a Windows system.  I set up ODBC to run natively
(since Plat only talks to MSSQL, and theres no real SQL Server ODBC driver
for unixODBC), and configured the DSN in the registry (by hand -- ick).

Now, when running 'plat.EXE', I get the initial splash screen, and a window
asking me to choose my DSN.  Once I do that, an error message pops up,

    [title] Fatal SQLUNIRL.DLL Initialization Error

    File: ..\src\procaddr.c, line: 424
    GetCurrentHwProfileW entrypoint could not be found in ADVAPI32.DLL

I can't use the native advapi32.dll, as that causes problems with ntdll.dll,
etc. etc.  I can see the entry point for GetCurrentHwProfileA in
libadvapi32.def, but not GetCurrentHwProfileW.

So my question is:  I'm inches away from getting this to work, and removing
the only tie to MS Windows in my workplace.  Are there any plans for getting
GetCurrentHwProfileW working in  Or will dropping my
version of SQLUNIRL.DLL rid me of the error (I don't have another system
handy to use a different library on)?

TIA.  Please reply personally, as I'm not subscribed.

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