wine: lsta /some/directory/wine/conf/wineserver-tux/socket : No such file or directory

Rodolfo M Moreno rmoreno at
Thu Apr 3 13:17:11 CST 2003

Hi, i  try to install MusicMatch JukeBox 1.43 in my RedHat Linux 8.0.

Ussualy i work whit RedHat 7.3 whitout problems, everything is ok. But 
whit RedHat 8.0 display the nex problem:

[rodox at tux rodox]$ mmjb/mmjb
wine: lstat /home/rodox/mmjb/wine/conf/wineserver-tux/socket : No such 
file or directory

I search in google, and whitout good results...

i don't understand why apendd this, in fact 
/home/rodox/mmjb/wine/conf/wineserver-tux/socket dosn't exist.

What can i do to resolve this problem ?

Thanks alot for help me and regards from México City.

Rodolfo M Moreno
::: Linux User -=227680=- :::

[rodox at tux jaguar]$ man woman
 No manual entry for woman

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