Wine and RedHat 9

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at
Wed Apr 9 13:39:01 CDT 2003


> ./configure                (and a 2nd time I did :  --with-ntpd)
Did you really use --with-ntpd or was this a typo in your mail? It should
be --with-nptl ...

> make depend
> make
> order and it seemed to work. (Wine build complete)  Now however, I can't
> just start winesetup or wine like I was used to. Do I have to start it
> from some other directory. Where did it compile ?
You should either call "make install" to finally copy the compiled binaries
and libs to the appropriate directories in your filesystem or just use the
installer script wineinstall:

cd ~/wine (if you've unpacked the wine-source somewhere else you have to
change this command)
./tools/wineinstall (this calls the installer-script, which asks some
questions and then automatically compiles, installs and configures wine. You
may still have to adjust your ~/.wine/config file, to enter some personal
preferences ...)

Note: I don't know if wineinstall uses --with-nptl at the moment - but as
you've configured manually before, it should detect this and just skip the
configure step. Or just edit the file and change the configure-args (it's in
the first few lines under the version history at the beginning of the file).

Good luck,
Philipp Wollermann

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