Registry problems with RedHat 9

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Fri Apr 11 00:22:13 CDT 2003

Jackpot! That seems to have been the problem. The wineinstall script does 
not specify this configure flag by default. I don't know why my 
installtion would require it and others not. May be worth some further 


Sylvain Petreolle <spetreolle at>
11/04/2003 01:45 PM

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Wouldnt that be a NPTL issue instead ? Is wineinstall using 
--with-nptl now ?

> wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-darrenh/server-302-69ba2: no such file or 
> directory
> Registry install failed
> I am installing using the wineinstall utility in the tools directory
> and 
> this is a wine-only installation. The directory in question
> definitely 
> does not exist. The wine check utility also gives the install a clean
> bill 
> of health (except for the registry of course). 
> I am new to wine, am I missing something obvious here?

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