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Fri Apr 11 02:49:21 CDT 2003

G'day all, Sylvian,

> If this a modem that is handled by your linux system or an external
> modem on a serial port, yes it would see it.

It does not. :(

It (the programme) seems to be ignoring everything to do with logic & is
looking to be told directly. It's not acknowledging the existence of a
modem, as it will not look all by itself - it wants to have its hands
held. :)

(After all, it'd be so *hard* to get it to send a couple of AT queries
to look for a modem, wouldn't it?)   ;-)

It is indeed a fully hardware external modem, attached to ttyS1, with
/dev/modem pointing to it. As such, the wine config has it listed as
Com2 and Com4 respectively (since Com4 has the default /dev/modem

> If this an internal winmodem or an USB device, there is no support for
> it at the moment.

Ack! Wash your mouth out - I'd *never* run a software modem! What's the
point - I've found that Mistubishi is even doing an internal *hardware*
PCI modem for $29 (AUD)! Even if there was support, why would you not
spend the extra $10 (AUD) to take the load off of your CPU?

> Verify that your $HOME/.wine/config has the appropriate entries ( see
> documentation/samples/config if you installed from source)

It does. I've scoured through all of the FAQS and archives before asking
- even to the point of going through the CxOffice archives too! It's got
me buggered now.



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