Keith Matthews keith_m at
Fri Apr 11 03:26:28 CDT 2003

On 11 Apr 2003 17:19:21 +0930
Tom Docking <tom at> wrote:

> G'day all, Sylvian,
> > If this a modem that is handled by your linux system or an external
> > modem on a serial port, yes it would see it.
> It does not. :(
> It (the programme) seems to be ignoring everything to do with logic &
> is looking to be told directly. It's not acknowledging the existence
> of a modem, as it will not look all by itself - it wants to have its
> hands held. :)

It's not looking for the Windows network configuration stuff is it? Some
programs seem to rely on that to know when to switch between a LAN and a

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