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Fri Apr 11 09:40:45 CDT 2003

On 11 Apr 2003, Tom Docking wrote:

> G'day all,
> I have an application that is designed to receive and make calls to
> embedded refrigeration systems, for monitoring, logging and fault alarm
> services.
> The application installs and runs under WINE brilliantly - however I
> cannot convince it that the modem exists. It seems to take all of the
> relevant info from Windows' modem information normally.
> I've done the obvious things and ensure that there are COM links in
> WINE's config, to no avail.
| It (the programme) seems to be ignoring everything to do with logic & is
| looking to be told directly. It's not acknowledging the existence of a
| modem, as it will not look all by itself - it wants to have its hands
| held. :)
| (After all, it'd be so *hard* to get it to send a couple of AT queries
| to look for a modem, wouldn't it?)   ;-)
You tried this yourself with cu -l /dev/ttyS1 or minicom or so, yes?
| It is indeed a fully hardware external modem, attached to ttyS1, with
| /dev/modem pointing to it. As such, the wine config has it listed as
| Com2 and Com4 respectively (since Com4 has the default /dev/modem
| entry).

Could it be confused to see the same modem on 2 com ports?  I don't have
the /dev/modem symbolic link, I don't see the use of it.
| It does. I've scoured through all of the FAQS and archives before asking
| - even to the point of going through the CxOffice archives too! It's got
| me buggered now.
| Cheers,

> Can anyone give me any pointers here? Do I need to use a control panel
> app, perchance?
Maybe.  there is a wine builtin control app, but I don't have any good
.cpl files, so I don't know if it works.  Apps that allow you to
configure the modem, or take modem info from an .ini file, generally
work.  If your app tries to use DUN, RAS, or TAPI, those aren't
supported, but you should see some fixme's on stderr or a crash if it
tries to use those.

--debugmsg +file,+comm might give us an idea what it is trying to do.

There _might_ still be a bug in wine serial comm, but I have been using
it since September 1997.

Hmmm, the terminal.exe program from wfw 3.11 seems to look at a

entry in win.ini

> > Cheers,
> Tom Docking


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