awongxi acad at
Sun Apr 13 05:01:44 CDT 2003

I have Wine 20020605,, red hat linux 8....and would love to use some win 
applicatioons from linux but it is immpossible not evenn sol.exe 
works.... whhat am I doing wrong..... I am alwys going to the wine 
console.. where lots of no debug information in 32 bit dll and a path 
are commiing up.... whatt am I doing wrong not even sol.exe.... when I 
try to use winword it asks for some windows insttaller... so.. does this 
winne thing really works? how!!!!???? because so far all I have goot 
from wine hhave been msgs that I do not undesrtannd.....please somme one 
who helps me but nicely...step by step.... please

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