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Sun Apr 13 06:14:54 CDT 2003


I have the same system (except I use Mandrake 9.0).  Have you installed
WINE in "Real Windows" or "Fake Windows" mode?  I'm using Codeweavers
Wine 20020904-7 and my Windows folder is set to
/home/julian/.wine/fake_windows  The installation guide said to do it
this way for Windows 2000.  I don't have all the programs I want working
by any means, but most of the smaller ones work.

My suspicion is that WINE cannot handle the DLLs being in anything other
that c:\windows\system and as Windows 2000 Pro (and XP etc) puts them
into C:\WINNT\System32 it's having a nightmare.

I'm using KDE and once I installed WINE I just created a folder on the
desktop called "Windows Programs" and created Application Shortcuts to
all the programs I wanted, e.g. in the Execute tab I browsed to
"C:\WINNT\notepad.exe" and just added "wine" to the front of the path so
I end up with:

wine "C:\WINNT\notepad.exe"

It works fine.

I have a question for the group though.  When a program fails I check
out the error log and it's usually a missing DLL.  If I copy all the
required DLLs to my fake windows folder will this solve the problem?  If
so, how do I do it?  I'm a new Linux user and I don't know how to make
directories with a leading "." visible.

Kind regards,

Julian Hall

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 11:01, awongxi wrote:
> I have Wine 20020605,, red hat linux 8....and would love to use some win 
> applicatioons from linux but it is immpossible not evenn sol.exe 
> works.... whhat am I doing wrong..... I am alwys going to the wine 
> console.. where lots of no debug information in 32 bit dll and a path 
> are commiing up.... whatt am I doing wrong not even sol.exe.... when I 
> try to use winword it asks for some windows insttaller... so.. does this 
> winne thing really works? how!!!!???? because so far all I have goot 
> from wine hhave been msgs that I do not undesrtannd.....please somme one 
> who helps me but nicely...step by step.... please
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