IE6 Setup

Julian Hall wine at
Tue Apr 15 11:12:22 CDT 2003

In Windows itself is a program called "wininit.exe" which monitors
Windows initialisation procedures.  The associated file wininit.ini gets
updated whenever a program installation requires a reboot to complete
set-up.  However if the wininit.ini file becomes corrupted it never
recognises that the system rebooted cleanly and fails to accept that the
prior installation is complete.

I'll be honest and say I am a newbie to WINE so I don't know how the
above would be reflected in WINE (if at all).  I hope it helps point you
in the right direction though :)

Kind regards,


On Tue, 2003-04-15 at 16:46, Duncan Rubinger wrote:
> Hi,
> can someone help me installing IE6. Whenever I gonna try to install
> IE6 I get the message that another installation hasn't finished yet
> and I have to reboot (good joke).
> Does anyone knows the responsible registry key to change ?
> Thx in advance
> Best regards, 
> Duncan

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