Problem getting printing to work

Con75 con75 at
Wed Apr 16 14:09:32 CDT 2003

I have a problem setting up printing with
Wine 20030115 under Debian Woody/testing.

I am using wine to access office2000
under win98 beeing installed in a different
partition. In Windows there is only
a fax and a thumb pdf printer installed
(so there is no native windows printer,
I could not find out from the docs, whether
it is necessary to install a printer in
windows, in order to use it wine printing).

Further on my linux system I use lprn printing
with only network printers...

What I would like to have would be
a general postscript printer printing
to a file or to a directory in /tmp/printer
or whatever. Can anyone help me with that?
And yes I have read the manuals and some
postings but I really could not get wine
to even show a printer!

Any help would be appreciated!
Please cc me as I am not on the list,
thanks Constantin

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