Win2K v WINE

Julian Hall wine at
Thu Apr 17 10:09:53 CDT 2003

Hi All,

I found an old article on running WINE alongside Windows 2000
yesterday.  It advocated using the command line of "wine --winver nt2k
[program name]", in the example "wine --winver nt2k mspaint.exe".  I
tried this out with Paintshop Pro which WINE HQ says does run with WINE,
but had even less success than before. At least without using that extra
part I got an error saying which DLLs were missing.

I'm using Codeweavers WINE at the moment in "fake_windows" mode as that
was recommended for Win2K operations.  Would I be better off changing to
"real_windows" mode and physically pointing all the paths to the WINNT

Failing that could someone please give me details on how to view folders
starting with "." in KDE 3.0 so I can try copying the relevant DLLs into
the fake_windows folder?

Kind regards,


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