Bob Lockie bjlockie at lockie.ca
Fri Apr 18 15:58:58 CDT 2003

On 04/18/03 16:48 Z_God spoke thusly

> i don't know exactly what the differences are but you might find something in 
> the readmes on the cd. The are two versions of Warcraft II, one for Dos and 
> one for Windows.
> Op vrijdag 18 april 2003 21:51, schreef Bob Lockie:
>>I thought there was only a Windows version.
>>It says on the blizzard web site that Windows is a prequisite.
>>Is there a way for me to tell if I have a DOS or Windows version?

The readme doesn't say exactly but this quote implies it is for DOS.
"If you are having problems running under
Windows 95, please shut down to DOS and then
run Warcraft II from there."

I will look into dosemu and dosbox.

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