keylib32.dll problem

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Fri Apr 18 17:40:59 CDT 2003

Hi Chris

Did the original disk come on floppies? And if so, did they have and
required to have the write protect tabs off? Then you can be sure there is
a counter of the floppies that was reset somehow.

I read about another program that uses keylib32:
"You can [reinstall], however, the Pin Code you received when you
purchased xxxxx is only good for 1 machine. In order to receive another
Pin Code, you must contact us."


On 18 Apr 2003 21:39:27 +0100
Chris Bryant <lx.lurky at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm new to wine (and pretty new to Linux), and have just built and
> fiddled a bit with a Xandros distribution. This is based on Debian
> woody, and comes with Crossover Office 1.3.0-2. I installed Visio 2000
> which went right "out of the box" including a VB runtime update and 2
> virtual reboots - awesome. Next I tried to install an antenna simulation
> programme called EZNEC3 (I'm a radio amateur). This is written in MS VB6
> with a FORTRAN calculating engine. The install went fine (with a couple
> of long pauses at the end of a wizard unpack, and during a registry
> update). When I run the programme, I get a dialogue box
>  SHRINKER.ERR  C:\Windows\System\KEYLIB32.dll (3.4) 04/17/03 20:36:19
> Pager Initialisation Error 2
> I've tried:
> 1) Creating a clean test user account, and just installing the VB
> runtime files using vbrun60 (ie not getting them via Visio)
> 2) replacing the keylib dll with another from my Windoze PC that EZNEC
> runs on and the prog then complained that its "settings were corrupt"
> and invited me to re-install - which I did to no avail. As far as I can
> ascertain, this dll is to do with licence keys. My copy of EZNEC is
> bona-fide paid for by me, though there are no license numbers to type in
> 3) Looking in logs and config files (though here I'm in the dark)
> Any ideas welcome...
> Chris Bryant
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