Illegal to use FoxPro on Linux?

Z_God zeldario at
Sat Apr 19 14:33:44 CDT 2003

No. Microsoft EULA contain a lot of crap, some of it is even illegal. I 
believe the combining of products in this way (FoxPro would require a Windows 
license) is illegal. I also heard the Office XP EULA contains the same 
nonsense. The people from Codeweavers probably know a lot about these things.

Op zaterdag 19 april 2003 17:02, schreef Elektro Schock:
> Is it true that it was an Eula violation to run FoxPro with Wine?
> MS legal threat derails Foxpro on Linux demo
> By John Leyden
> Posted: 17/04/2003 at 18:42 GMT

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