Matt Bailey mattb at
Sun Apr 20 19:40:07 CDT 2003

Well, it's still alpha software. My experience has been that almost nothing 
runs with little or no problems. I have a very few apps that run well, some 
others that run ok but have problems, others that only partially work 
(usually unusable) and the rest just don't work at all. What's odd is that 
X-Plane, a fairly intensive 3D/sound/joystick flight simulator, works almost 
flawlessly (mostly just decreased performance, and an occasional sound 
hiccup). Also my Nascar pinball game works perfectly. :) Fairly simple stuff 
like installers, Paint Shop Pro, etc, varies from ok to nearly unusable. 
Paint Shop, for instance, runs ok but is very slow and the colors on control 
buttons are wrecked. Most installers run at first, but some can't finish. 
Another pinball game from the same people as the Nascar game (Sierra) won't 
run, even though the Nascar one does. Strange stuff.

Are you linking to a seperate Windows partition or just using fake Windows in 
Wine? I'm linking to a Win95 install, I think that helped quite a bit.

	-Matt Bailey

On Sunday 20 April 2003 06:35 pm, you wrote:
> Ok, I've tried wine with about 10 different aplications and it always
> returns SOME kind of error... and it closes... the only one I can run
> without ANY problem is DiabloII.... not even half life runs on wine...
> Using wineX didn't solve any problem.. in fact I think it it even
> harder...
> Any idea why wine won't work with virtually no game at all???
> thanks a lot

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