Problem getting printing to work

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Apr 21 02:09:30 CDT 2003

Con75 wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem setting up printing with
> Wine 20030115 under Debian Woody/testing.
> I am using wine to access office2000
> under win98 beeing installed in a different
> partition. In Windows there is only
> a fax and a thumb pdf printer installed
> (so there is no native windows printer,
> I could not find out from the docs, whether
> it is necessary to install a printer in
> windows, in order to use it wine printing).
> Further on my linux system I use lprn printing
> with only network printers...
> What I would like to have would be
> a general postscript printer printing
> to a file or to a directory in /tmp/printer
> or whatever. Can anyone help me with that?
> And yes I have read the manuals and some
> postings but I really could not get wine
> to even show a printer!

As I understand this, you should already have:

"FILE:" = ""
"LPT1:" = "|lpr"

in your config file.  This will print to your default printer.

NOTE: you can delete the next two lines -- I don't know why they 
are there.

Then you need a PPD file.  You can get the one for your printer 
or use the: "generic.ppd" file which should be in: 
"documentation/samples/" and edit it for things like default 
paper size and default resolution.  You might need to add some 
resolutions.  The file looks like a real mess, but it isn't that 
hard to understand.  If you need to change the printable area, 
the dimensions are in points and are x,y for upper left then x,y 
for lower left.

You should put the PPD file in "~/.wine".

Then if you look in: "system.reg" for a line:

"PPD File"="/unix/path/to/PPD/file"

and edit it with your path to the PPD file:


And that should do it.

If this works, there is a 'print to file' option in the print widget.


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