compiling wine under cygwin - status ??

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at
Sun Apr 20 16:13:41 CDT 2003

Most of it should build now as a lot of the Mingw patches also fix
cygwin bugs. I have been meaning to test this for the past few weeks++
but the new cygwin setup.exe is a broken POS so I havent gotten around
to trying to install it again. You are going to run in to problems with
the threading as the patches that are floating around for that are just
stubs. I think there were like 3 or 4 show stoppers to keeping WINE
working on Cygwin. Check and search for cygwin.

There is no real documentation for the Mingw or Cygwin ports. This is
something else that needs to be fixed.


Kai Kai wrote:

>Hi, all,
>I am a NEWBIE in this area. I am very interested inthe
>wine and cygwin. Can wine work under cygwin now?
>Or Can I build Wine dll under cygwin? 
>I just found the status from David on Nov28, 2002,
>isthere news about it now? howto is better:-)

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