Registry kludge needed

Wayne Richards wrichards at
Thu Apr 24 07:41:50 CDT 2003

I've been using wine for several years to run the Lotus Notes client at work 
and found how to get Notes to launch mozilla and openoffice.  So now I can 
open M$ format files (well, most of them) without having to resort to using 
windows terminal server or a windows based pc.  However, I'm having a problem 
with acroread 5.0.  I can get it to launch, but it claims it can find the file 
or path specified.  The registry hack I've used is the same as for the 
msoffice products, namely:

[Software\\Classes\\Word.Document.8\\shell\\open\\command] 1017676971
@="Z:\\usr\\bin\\Winword.exe \"%1\""

This works for Word files.  I have a link to ooffice for Winword.exe.

But I've had no luck with acroread with:

[Software\\Classes\\AcroExch.Document\\shell\\open\\command] 1017688446
@="Z:\\usr\\bin\\acroread.exe \"%1\""


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