Wine, M$Excel and MSCREATE.DIR

Dirk Gerlach dgerlach at
Thu Apr 24 05:25:10 CDT 2003

Joris Huizer wrote:
> Maybe you all considered this, but... Why don't you
> use Open Office ? 

We do and mostly we like and the 1.1beta is much more better than 
the older ones. :-)

I think you can even use those vba
> macro's (I must admit I don't really no what those are
> but I've seen some info on it in the configuration
> tool
??? Are there changes ???
You can read vba-code and edit manually, but you can't run it.

If surprisly possible, please tell me how, because that's the reason 
why I must have one original ecxel for special vba-programmed sheets.

> It works great, it looks a bit like Excel-like and it
> have Linux binaries so it 'll run better than Excel
> (even though the loading time when first loading the
> prob  is a bit long)

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