Wine and SQl server.

Carlo Pelini c.pelini at
Thu Apr 24 10:41:47 CDT 2003

Hy. I am a computer science student, and I am studing wine for my degree
I have succeded to run VisualFoxPro on wine and by VisualFoxPro i have
succeded to utilize the unixODBC and the ODBC windows. With the unixODBC I
have succeded to open a connession with a database SQL server, to execute a
interrogation and to visualize the result.
For to can to do there, I dont'have utilized directly the driver SQL server,
but I have utilzed easysoft ODBC-ODBC bridge
(, a ODBCF driver, which do
precisely from bridge between the ODBC client and the ODBC server, and allow
the connession with a database SQL server.
Thank at there proceeding, I have succeded to run AD HOC REVOLUTION, a
managerial software, even if is slow.

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