install DV-Codec in wine

Julian Hall wine at
Thu Apr 24 12:49:03 CDT 2003

Hi Michael,

I'm using Codeweavers WINE (fake_windows config with Windows 2000) and
it runs TMPeg without any complaints (which admittedly surprised the
hell out of me ;o))

Kind regards,


On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 18:14, Michael Loose wrote:
> Has anybody already managed to install a DV-Codec in wine (fake_windows)?
> I want to use TMPEGenc under wine to convert some DV-Stuff to Mpeg2.
> Conversion of any source material works well, but although i've install 
> the Canopus Decoder
> (MainConcept Decoder did not install) TMPEGenc won't import the files. 
> (Raw DV, dv1, dv1).
> Any kind of help would be pretty cool, this really  get's me.....  .
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