[OT] is wine completely legal (and will it stay so) ?

Alan Bort 333101 at personal.net.py
Sat Apr 26 09:35:55 CDT 2003

Well. you should read the license of wine.

I can tell you this... Since they put the DLL's on their website,
avaiable to download, and without an excluding license... they can't do
anything. WHAT you instll with wine is ONLY your responability. Wine,
itself, is not ilegal... in fact I think M$ should thank wine... or at
least windows-emulators for linux. I, for instance, refuse to use
WINDOWS... I just don't like it. but I like, instead, many other apis
that are only avaiable for windows... such as Office (and don't tell me
OO.org is the same because it's not!!!!) so, I can buy M$ office and use
it under wine... They get to sell office... I mean... I use linux, if
something is not avaiable for linux I don't use it...

Also... it could lower the windows sales... but it will increase other
apis sales... I think they should consider making one of their own... or
even making their apis for linux... (rpm installs, or CVS installs, like
wineX) I think that would open a whole new market to them.

El sáb, 26 de 04 de 2003 a las 11:54, Joris Huizer escribió:
> Hello everybody,
> I have the following question: as most of us know, MS
> is kind of paranoid about people copying and/or
> stealing their products (maybe because they themselves
> have done it so much ? ) 
> As wine is implementing windows dlls and stuff - how
> can it stay legal (assuming MS 's using every possible
> legal method to prevent any copying) ?
> Just a question which seems a bit troubling... I'm
> probably missing something obvious !
> regards,
> Joris
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