RH9, Wine 20030408, Office 2000

Eduardo Silva edusilva at nortelnetworks.com
Sun Apr 27 16:19:21 CDT 2003


I'm trying to install Office 2000 on my RH9 box using the Wine 20030408 

I have installed the RH8 rpm's and have set the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 
variable to allow wine to cope with the NPTL glibc implementation in RH9.

I have the Office 2000 Installation CD, insert it and run wine 

The Setup process goes OK up to the point where I have selected the 
installation folder, and the components I wish to install (Word and 
Excel). Right when the Installation is abou to being wine exists without 
an error code. No explanation given.

I have checked all folders permission and I have assigned rw access to 
all users to /usr/share/wine-c and all child directories (obviously 
Program Files as well).

What steps can I take to try to get more info of why this is happening? 
I tried running wine with --debugmsg +all, but the output is so huge I 
can't even begin to know where to look (I haven't been able to get to 
the end because wine would output so much information I just bail out)

Thanks for any help,


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