Sibelius_Installation with wine

Felix Hammer f.hammer at
Mon Apr 28 01:06:43 CDT 2003


I want to run the Notation-Software "Sibelius 2". During the installation the 
installer want to execute a external program (the setup of "Microsoft Common 
Controls 5.80"). But there is an Error-message "could not run external 
Programm ..."
I tried to run this setup of "Microsoft Common Controls 5.80" alone. The were 
no Error-messages during installation. The only message was "please restart 
windows". but how can i restart a emulation???

But when i tried starting "Sibelus_2" I get following Error-message: 
"Sibelius needs the Common Control update 5.8 - please reinstall"
May be the alone-installation of common control wasn't succesful. 

Thanks for all infos.

Felix Hammer

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