Problems Running Word Perfect 9 for Win32 under Wine

David Jones gnome at
Mon Apr 28 04:36:12 CDT 2003

On 26 Apr 03, at 22:04, Bruce Griffis wrote:

> I am able to open Corel Word Perfect 9 for Windows in
> Wine. I am able to create new documents. I can save
> documents. But when I go to open an existing document,
> either on the /mnt/windows or on the /mnt/floppy, Word
> Perfect 9 crashes and I get an error log similar to the
> following:

Hmm, don't know WP9 much, but WP used to have a 
feature called (IIRC) enhanced file dialogs. It was an 
option to replace the standard Windows File Open and 
such like dialog boxes with enhanced ones.

Those enhanced dialog boxes sometimes caused WP to 
crash on some systems (regular Windows ones).

You might see if there's an option under preferences to 
not use enhanced dialog boxes and see if that helps.

gnome at

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