Error after run Wine

Andrzej Wisniewski awi at
Mon Apr 28 06:38:23 CDT 2003


I have a problem. I installed Wine packet and configured it with

When I run wine with some application (i.e. wine c:\\notepad.exe )
I can see error like below :

Invoking /usr/bin/wine.bin c:\setup.exe ...
Could not stat /c (No such file or directory), ignoring drive C:
Warning: could not find wine config [Drive x] entry for current working
directory /home/andy/.wine; starting in windows directory.
Invalid path L"c:\\windows" for L"windows" directory: does not exist.
Perhaps you have not properly edited or created your Wine configuration
file, which is (supposed to be) '/home/andy/config'.
Wine failed with return code 1

I have a config file and I don't know where can be a problem ... please
point me some reasons of this problems ...


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