I have gotten Office to run on RH9

Eduardo Silva edusilva at nortelnetworks.com
Mon Apr 28 11:39:37 CDT 2003


How did you achieve to install OFC2K using wine in RH9? I am trying to 
do the same thing. Please if you can just give me a few pointers I would 
be very greatful.

I have installed the wine rpm for RH8 and done the 
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5. It seems to work but Setup for Office dies on me 
when it tries to install the actual files from disk.

Did you compile from source using ./configure --with-nptl? I tried to do 
that but wine files saying it can't find libnttdll.dll.so?

Thanks a lot,


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James Dickson wrote:

>I have gotten WINE installed and working with RH9 and installed Office
>I can get excel to work and get word to start but it can not save the
>Any ideas?
>jdickson at cimtel.net
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