wine-users digest, Vol 1 #1514 - 18 msgs

Bruce Griffis griffisb at
Mon Apr 28 14:27:29 CDT 2003

>   11. Re: Problems Running Word Perfect 9 for Win32 under Wine (David
> Jones) 

> Hmm, don't know WP9 much, but WP used to have a
> feature called (IIRC) enhanced file dialogs. It was an
> option to replace the standard Windows File Open and
> such like dialog boxes with enhanced ones.

David, thanks for the hint! I started WP9 (under Wine) and went into Tools. 
Found my way to the settings and turned off Enhanced file dialogs. It's 
improved a lot! I can open several smaller documents, and WP9 now 
automatically translates gif's, jpegs, ... into the proper form. 

It still hangs on some larger, more involved documents - but seems fine in 
both English and Spanish for smaller documents with graphics. I'd try to talk 
the group into going with a DTP package (it's for a weekly bulletin) - but 
think they'd lean towards MS FrontPage (argh!!!).

Anyway - thanks - we're most of the way there. Can now create, save, open, do 
graphics, ... - just get hung up on complex documents. I had also fiddled 
with DLL load orders, but put them all back to standard - that seems to give 
the least problems.

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