Wine + Devices.

Joris Huizer joris_huizer at
Tue Apr 29 15:35:45 CDT 2003

My experience with hardware is, some drivers &
hardware stuff are fairly easy to get to run, while
others are hard to get to work.

Anyway, I did a quick search with google - I think the
following could be usefull for the Genius EasyPen
Tablet :

I couldn't really find much usefull about the scanner
- unless you've got a GS-4500, GS-4500A or Highscreen
Greyscan 256

For those, have a look at

(Though maybe I missed something usefull so it won't
do any harm to search more if these pages aren't

I hope this helps,


--- Johan Rabie <JohanR at> wrote:
> Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to post a
> question regarding wine,
> but here goes.
> I have two devices I would like to get working in
> Linux using wine.
> 1)       Genius EasyPen Tablet.
> 2)       Genius Parallel Scanner.
> I am not sure where to find documentation no this
> subject.
> Could you please point me in the right direction.
> Ps. If you have any docs on soft modems using wine,
> that would also be nice.
> Kind regards Caperaven.
> caperaven at <mailto:caperaven at> 
> <> 

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