wine and RedHat 9

Stephan =?UTF-8?B?QW5kcsOpIFNjaG1pZHTp?= Schmidt at
Wed Apr 30 10:19:30 CDT 2003

Am 2003.04.30 15:13 schrieb(en) Paul GOGAN:
> I installed on redHat9 wine-20030408-1rh8winehq.i686.rpm
> When I try to start wine , I obtain the following message :
> 	"wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-pgogan/server-813-bc01c : No 
> such 		file or directory"
>  After uninstalling the rpm and compiling from the source 
> Wine20030408.tar.gz (configure, make depend, make, make install), I 
> obtain exactly the same result.
> Can somebody help?
> Tanks

did you try to do compile it "--with-nptl"? (./configure --with-nptl)



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