Installing Wine from Scratch

Duane Clark dclark at
Wed Apr 30 10:45:49 CDT 2003

Tim wrote:
> Ok, I have looked into the wineinstall script, and some of the makes,
> So I know this already, but the docuemntation doesn’t even mention where
> The binaries get put, where/if there is a global config file etc....

The default locations for a CVS version of Wine are:
binaries - /usr/local/bin
main libraries - /usr/local/lib
other wine libraries - /usr/local/lib/wine

There is normally no global config file. All user config and registry 
files normally go in ~/.wine. They should be correctly installed and 
setup by wineinstall (other than leaving floppy and CD entries in the 
config file that tend to generate extraneous messages).

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