Word and Endnote

nosp nosp at xades.com
Mon Dec 1 11:35:55 CST 2003

On Mon, 2003-12-01 at 10:51, L. Burysek wrote:
> Hello Wine Community,
> I would like to share my recent experience with Wine on this mailing list.
> I've got installed MSWord2000 and Endnote7 on my Suse9.0 box with winehq
> 20031118 release. Both are installed from original disk and run without
> problems, I just cannot call Endnote commands from Word i.e. insert
> citation. I got this error message from Endnote 7: "This command is not
> available because a document window is not active." Can anyone give me a
> clue how to get them to communicate?

If you have any luck with this it would be useful to me and maybe others
-- please let us know.

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