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Andy andy at
Wed Dec 3 00:27:57 CST 2003

Hi all

I am fairly new to  wine, so if any more information is required, please 
let me know.
I am having trouble with using programs under wine, notepad can't save, 
when I change settings in applications, they do not stay, if I reopen 
the app after making the adjustment, then open the app again and close 
the original, while the app is reopening, the settings stay, but when I 
reopen the app form scratch, I lose my settings again. Does this sound 
like a permissions problem, or have I got a config problem. ?
I recieved no replies to my last email (font metrics) could the problems 
be related ?
I am running wine on FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE on a P2 with 256 RAM 202 gig HDD
All help  appreciated no idea where to start :)

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