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Simon Striker simon at
Sat Dec 6 16:10:18 CST 2003


1. If I want to install one program with wine, I simply run wine 
"program.exe" ...

But how can I unintsall that program? In Windows I would simply click on Add/
remove programs icon (under Control Panel) and uninstall the program.

So, how to uninstall the program under wine?

2. I ran PuTTY under wine - just to probe if everything works fine. Then, 
(after removing PuTTY from disc) I have find out that there is still a 
"sshHostKey" under registry (regedit). If I press delete key, nothing 
happens ...

Could anybody tell me, how to remove this from regedit?

Thanks in advance, Simon.
Simon Striker
Rusjanov trg 2
1000 Ljubljana	+38641473856
Europe (Slovenia)

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