SPCS printing problems

Martin Widmark martin at takeit.se
Mon Dec 8 05:11:12 CST 2003

A bit late but may be of interest.

> I'm trying to run an application called "SPCS Lon" under Wine. It's a
> swedish application for managing salaries etc. Everything works, except
> printing:
> * If I "print to display" (a preview mode), all fonts are "chopped" at the
> bottom.

I've not had that problem. Under Wine 20030813 prewieving didn't work at
all, but under wine 20031118 it worked perfectly.

> * If I print to a real printer, no text as all is printed: Only boxes,
> lines and such.

Same results here really. Wine 20031118 works much better. I still get
some boxes, but it is possible to write to file and process the raw
ps-file to get rid of them.

I have graver problems with ASPS Administraion 1000. The menues and
toolbars look horrible. The menues text get "doubled" and the toolbar
icons doesnt appear on the first toolbar. I get lots of fixme-errors, so I
gess there are still things missing. The program do work though, but is
terribly slow.

Martin Widmark

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