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Mon Dec 8 11:03:52 CST 2003

Cristiano Moreira Silva wrote:

>Hello. I've a question about license. If I developed a
>windows app running on wine, and this app utilizes a
>microsoft font (e.g., tahoma), can I distribute my
>windows app freely with the tahoma font without
>license problems?
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Not exactly, I don't think (but I am not an expert). The Tahoma font is
offered freely by Microsoft, but when you download/install it, you have
to accept a license agreement. This, I believe, is why SuSE offers a
script to download the core MS fonts rather than the fonts themselves. I
think you would have to do something similar.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I have CC'd this to the list, but my ISP is blacklisted by the list
server. If you receive this,Cristiano, I would appreciate it if you
would forward it to the list-- or if you reply, please quote my reply so
that it is available to the list.

Thank you,
Holly Bostick

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